Five9 University:
Contact Center Training Programs

Five9 University Builds a Foundation for Success

Five9 University is our official training program that covers every capability of the Five9 cloud contact center solution. The program is divided into modules, each of which reviews essential features and best practices for contact center operations and gives your team the information they need to become Five9 Certified.

Data shows that customers with a certified administrator improve adoption, require fewer support cases and are more successful in fully utilizing their Five9 solution. Through Five9 University, your contact center administrators can hone their skills and become experts in operating the Five9 Virtual Contact Center. Five9 offers online certification for inbound, outbound, and blended contact center operations.

Based on your services agreement, your team will participate in live and/or instructor-led training that is tailored to the needs of your business and the goals of your Five9 Virtual Contact Center implementation. Live training is provided via standard web conferencing tools and fosters a collaborative “train the trainer” approach to learning. We focus on practical examples while building and operating your Five9 contact center. Instructor-led training is provided on site by our Professional Services team, and covers essential aspects of your Five9 implementation so that your team is poised for success.

Training focuses on practical examples and essential aspects of your Five9 implementation so that your team is set up for success.

Five9 University: A Total Training Program

Online Training

Training consist of both online training videos and live online instructor-led training webinars. Content is made up of short modules categorized by function allowing learners to quickly find the specific topic they need.

Training Webinars

Training webinars cover introductory content as well as best practices. Participate with access to a trainer or subject matter expert in group sessions where questions are encouraged.

Instructor-Led Training Courses

Take your training, and your contact center, to the next level by attending instructor-led training courses. This hands-on approach helps solidify concepts and learn the practical how-to that you will need to get the most out of your Five9 service.

Custom Training

We will work with you to define a custom curriculum for on-site or remote delivery. Standard instructor-led training courses dedicated to your employees are also available at your request.

The Five9 Approach

Define a solution based on your business goals and success criteria

Configure the defined solution

Train your staff on the configuration and operation of the solution

Validate that the solution meets the business requirements

Deploy the solution throughout your organization

Tune the solution to deliver optimal results over time

The certification Five9 provided prior to going live enabled us to rapidly become completely self-sufficient.
Matt Zemon
President & CEO, Bernard
Specialized Training

Curriculum Brief: Five9 Specialized Training

Read an overview of the Five9 training programs available to our customers and find out how you can maximize your team’s productivity by taking full advantage of the features of the Five9 cloud.

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